When I think of what a cycling team can be, I think of the Amy D Foundation: A supportive, structured, safe environment for athletes to learn and grow in – a place where young women can ask what kind of cyclist they wish to be, and explore their answers with guidance from an experienced, safe, and supportive staff. The Amy D Foundation gives cyclists a place to find confidence: It bridges the gap between amateur and professional racing, empowers women to start reaching for their goals, and dream beyond them.

As a mentor, the Amy D. Foundation provides me with all of these things, and more. I’m actually quite new to road racing compared to many of the women I mentor, which is awesome! I’ve known some Amy D. riders since they were racing cyclocross in high school, and now we race together on the road – we have learned a lot from each other on and off the bike.

At Joe Martin Stage Race, I loved listening to DS Katherin Curri help riders define and pursue process goals, which helped them find personal and team success. Through each rider, I found my own process goals: No longer was I following instructions from team leaders, but helping my teammates find their way through the routine of race morning, or to the front of the pack, as has been done for me by more seasoned teammates in the past. Building a strong team bond, trust amongst teammates, and respect for each other are essential first steps toward team success, and these are things the Amy D. Foundation encourages naturally in each of its riders.

Enormous thanks go to Dan Dombroski, Katherine Curri, Desiree Simon, and everyone who contributes their time and experience to the Amy D. Foundation, where young women are empowered to do great things. I am so grateful to be a part of Amy D’s continued journey.

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