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The Amy D. Foundation is a developmental cycling program that provides support for driven, talented women who strive to reach the highest level of competition within the sport.  The program aims to build opportunity and provide mentoring that promotes strong personal development.

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Amy D. Cyclocross

Amy D. Cyclocross is a developmental racing program that increases opportunities for talented and driven women to compete at the elite level of the sport of cyclocross in a supportive and structured environment.  The Amy D. Cyclocross program provides opportunities for young, talented and developing athletes by placing them in a constructive environment where they have the opportunity to learn from professional staff and concerned mentors.

The primary objectives of the Amy D. Cyclocross program are: (1) to build greater development opportunities for women in the sport of cyclocross in order to facilitate growth in participation and promote the pursuit of lofty goals, particularly in the face of a demonstrated lack of current support for women within the sport, and (2) to create a constructive cycle of positive personal development by bringing up-and-coming talented athletes together with experienced competitors and managers in order to facilitate direct mentoring and coaching.

Potential participants in the Amy D. Cyclocross program are evaluated through an open application process consisting of a written and interview component.  The Amy D. Foundation works closely with some of the foremost cyclocross programs in the country, in order to provide participants with a consistently high quality support structure from which they may benefit.

Total expenses to the the Amy D. Foundation with respect to the Amy D. Cyclocross program are approximately $15,000 per rider per season, including travel, lodging, meals and incidentals, equipment and staff support (e.g., bicycle mechanic).

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