Emily – Rochester and Nittany Lion Cyclocross Race Reports

Last weekend all the fast people showed up for the first C1 weekend of CX racing in Rochester, NY. There were a few changes to the course, which caused it to be punchier and less like last year’s dirt crit. More technical characteristics broke up the monotony of pedaling and simply making turns. This year dusty off cambers, tight woods sections, and options to run or ride really mixed up the dynamic. Being the first C1 of the season there was a certain atmosphere, a little different then the opening weekend of racing in Roanoke, and tension on the start line. This then resonated throughout the first couple laps of the race in the shape of people diving inside on corners, taking unnecessary risks, and general chaos. I was not quite ready for the intensity that occurred. It seemed unnecessary, but I guess I should have conformed and just sent it, with no regard for a less risky code of...
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