Daniel Dombroski

Daniel Dombroski is the founder of the Amy D. Foundation.  Daniel grew up in Vermont, where he became an avid cyclist, runner and skier.  He proudly introduced the sport of cycling to others, including his sister, Amy (younger by 6 years).  Daniel remained a competitive runner and cyclist through college (B.S. Engineering, Cornell University, 2003) and graduate school (Ph.D. Engineering, University of Colorado at Boulder, 2009).  He provided close mentoring to Amy early in her cycling career, guiding her to her first U-23 cyclocross national title.  Mr. Dombroski founded the Organization in memory of his sister Amy shortly after her passing as a way to give back to the community and build a constructive outcome to the tragedy.  

Nicole Novembre

Nicole Novembre co-founded the Amy D. Foundation in memory of her sister-in-law Amy. Nicole has race mountain, road, track and cyclocross for over twenty years. While earning her MS in Civil Engineering from the University of Colorado Boulder (2007), Nicole was involved in the collegiate road, track and cyclocross programs and represented the collegiate team at multiple national championships. During her time at the University of Colorado Boulder she met and became close with Dan and sister Amy. Nicole is deeply committed to helping promote women’s cycling through her work with the Amy D. Foundation and Little Bellas. She lives in Golden, Colorado, running her engineering consulting business and raising her two children to be confident little shredders. 

Maureen Bruno Roy

Mo has been an Elite cyclist competing internationally from 2003 to 2015. Career stats: 301 career cyclocross races, including 216 UCI races, and 18 National Championships (11 Elite, three Masters and two Singlespeed), 16 World Cups and two World Championships, 2006 and 2010. 41 wins (nine UCI races, three Masters National Championships, two Singlespeed National Championships 2014, 2015 and one Singlespeed World Championship, 2014) and eight times finished in the top-10 at USA Cycling Elite Nationals. Two DNFs in 12 years of competition.  She regularly raced and trained with Amy D in the US and in Belgium where they regularly shared pre-World Cup curry dinners and a love for horribly hard, muddy courses. She has been working professionally as a muscular therapist for 20 years, is a yoga teacher and teaches anatomy + physiology to yoga-teachers-in-training. She loves cycling, running, hiking and vegan cooking. She lives in Arlington, MA with her husband and their two cats. 

Joan Hanscom

Currently serving as the Marketing Manager of BMC USA and formerly the Executive Director the Valley Preferred Cycling Center (aka T-Town) Joan joined the Foundation’s Board of Directors in 2016.  Joan became friends with Amy D during the years she ran the US gran prix of cyclcross and strengthened that friendship in the years leading to the UCI Cyclo-Cross World Championships in Louisville, KY in 2013.
An avid amateur racer with more passion for the sport than talent, Joan was the catalyst for launching the Amy D Grassroots program in Colorado Springs, CO. 

Katheryn Curi



Katheryn Curi is a retired professional cyclists with many accolades including U.S. Road Race National Champion as well as UCI World Cup Leader. Curi recieved a B.A. in psychology from Mount Holyoke College and raced as a professional for over 15 years. In addition to her illustrious cycling career, Curi was director of the Amy D. Foundation road cycling team. Curi has also lent her expertise to several other road programs including the Women’s World Tour team Tibco – SVB Professional Cycling Team.  

Averi Firari

Headshot FirariA graduate student in Exercise Science/ Kinesiology, head coach with Otterhaus Coaching, retired professional mountain biker, and former U.S. Air Force Staff Sergeant, comes to the foundation with a wealth of experience. The addition of Firari will continue to aid in the sustainable expansion of the overall impact of the Amy D. Foundation’s road, cyclocross and mountain bike programs.