Professional cyclist and former Amy D. rider Ayesha McGowan joins us this week to give us helpful advice on how to jump into bikepacking. ?? US Bike racing is so 2019. Perhaps it’ll be cool again in 2021? Until then, we’ve got to occupy ourselves with new adventures. Or at least new-to-us adventures. Bikepacking might seem a bit out of reach to some folks, but it doesn’t have to be. For the most part, you can start with a lot of the things you already own, and set a level of comfort that works for you.  I had the fortune of embarking on my first backpacking trip last summer with my very experienced friend Sam Scipio. We traveled by bike for 10 days through the state of Montana with everything we needed strapped to our frames. You might not have Sam to guide you the whole way, but thanks to the WTF Bike Explorers, you do have access to this illustrated packing list...
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