The Cincy weekend arrived with rain forecasted all day on Saturday! I headed out Saturday to ride the course and couldn’t believe how slippery it was! It had been raining all day during the other races and it was not your typical muddy tractor pull. For some of the running sections I felt as if I were trying to run on ice. I was really excited to race in these conditions. The race began and I didn’t have a great start which was not ideal on this course. There were a lot of technical sections in the first half of the lap. I got stuck behind traffic and never really moved forward that much during the race. I was disappointed but looked forward to a better day 2. 

On Sunday, the difference in course conditions was amazing. The mud had practically all dried up due to the heavy winds overnight and the sun. There was still a technical aspect to the course though, with slick off cambers from all the grass being worn away on the previous day. I had a better start but unfortunately didn’t have the legs. I raced as hard as I could but just felt tired and as if I were barely moving. The highlight of the day came from a fan giving me and Sherman a bandana covered with beagles! 

This weekend was my 4thin a row of racing. I am pleased with my results for those first 3 weekends. This weekend I was tired and ready for a break. It will be great to have a weekend off at home before we head up to the Pan American Championships in Midland, Ontario. 

Thank you to Mo, Jon, and Colin for all of your help this weekend at Cincinnati. It wouldn’t be possible without guys and everyone that supports the foundation. 

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