When I got an email from the Amy D Foundation in March saying I had been chosen to guest ride for them at the Joe Martin Stage Race I was over the moon! It was incredibly motivating and helped fuel me through a few weeks of tough riding weather in Indiana. As JSMR got closer I worked ahead in school and had everything dialed, getting more excited by the day.

So, as planned I flew to Arkansas and met up with the team. We got to hang out, ride together, and get to know each other the day before we raced. Stage one was a hilly road race in the scorching heat. I worked on getting more comfortable riding in such a large group and I was able to finish with the peloton. Stage two was the second road race, also very hilly. It was ton of fun to head into the second half of the race which was downhill with a tailwind. Day three was the uphill TT! I placed in the top 25 which my best result of all four days, and it was extremely special for me to do the time trial in Amy D’s old TT helmet. It definitely helped! Day four was the crit where things were fast and hilly once again and I was able to gain more experience practicing my positioning.

Overall this was a great learning experience for me. JMSR was my very first UCI stage race and having such a great group of ladies and staff was amazing. I can’t thank the Amy D Foundation as well as Kathryn and Dez enough for this opportunity. I have been familiar with Amy D’s story and the Amy D Foundation for years through cyclocross and it was extremely special to be a part of her legacy.

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