Jingle Cross and Baltimore Recaps

Unfortunately, KK and I did not get selected for the World Cup at Jingle Cross, but we did get to race the C2 on Friday and the C1 on Sunday. Thursday it rained a ton, which meant it was going to be the first really muddy race of the season which was a relief because Jingle Cross last year was 90 degrees, dry and dusty. The unfortunate part was we did not race until 7:45 pm on Friday. I hate racing that late, all I can think of is how I want to go to sleep. However, I tried to take a nap during the day, took a Clif bar mocha caffeine gel on the line, and was ready to go. I had a decent start and was in a group of riders going for 4th. I was happy to be this close to the front. After slipping and sliding around the course I finished 8th which was my first time racing on my new Donnelly bike in the beautiful Amy D blue!

After that it was time to cheer for Kerry in the World Cup! It was awesome to cheer him on in person and not just watch the race on TV. Sherman was excited to spectate in person (or in dog?) too and howled his dad on to a 22nd place finish.
Saturday, we went for an easy spin and then I set out to be a spectator for the rest of the day. First and most importantly, my mom was racing Doggy Cross with Forrest our Boston terroir. They did not win but they made it in the local newspaper due to her having to carry him because he lay down in the middle of the course.

On Sunday I lined up to race with a lot of international riders who stayed to race again after the World Cup. On the first lap I made a terrible mistake that caused me to get swarmed by many riders and cost me numerous places. I tried to run further at the top of Mt Krumpit past some other racers and then remount. The problem was I ran to a spot that was too steep to remount. I tried and failed to get back on my bike, so I had to keep running. I tried to get my head back in it and push for the rest of the race but it was difficult to make up all those lost spots.

We spent the week between races in Pennsylvania at Kerry’s house again resting and riding.

On Friday we headed to Baltimore for Charm City Cross. The course was decidedly different from previous years with more turns and off chamber sections added in. Also, a storm drain had broken in the park so there were a few large mud sections that added more technical aspects to the course.

I raced the C1 Saturday and managed to keep moving up throughout the race. I was thrilled to finish 10th, which is my best C1 finish. On Sunday I had a terrible first half lap and just could not get going. Somehow, I stayed calm and turned it around, moving up until I finished in 7th place. I was again very happy with this result because everyone who raced the C1 stayed for the C2 on Sunday.

Coming home after being gone for so long felt like Christmas since the mailman had delivered Bob’s Red Mill product, Clif Bar product, and new Pearl Izumi kits!!! I have a weekend off at home during which I have already spent some time baking and plan to do more. Then it’s off to Washington, DC for DCCX!

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