Becca Fahringer at the 2016 Valkenburg World Cup in Belgium. Photo credit Tom Brys

Becca Fahringer just returned from her first Belgian cyclocross experience, where she competed in four races over 10-day long stay. Check out her latest blog post, where she discusses the challenges, successes, and the value of the experience! Hint… she’s already keen on feeding the addiction with a second trip, and the Amy D. Foundation is proud to support her development! 

Thanks to The ChainStay for the on-the-ground support in Belgium and to our awesome industry partners:  Stans NoTubesLazer HelmetsPearl Izumi CyclingBikeFlights.comPaul McCarthyStages Cycling, and Giddyup Film Tour

So you want to race in Europe (or at least you want to know about how I did it).

Step one: Listen to everything everyone says about it. This will make it easier.

Step two: Make sure you are surrounded by people who are concerned about you and your relative competency and thus will ensure that every single detail is accounted for.

Step three: Be able to be relaxed and go with the flow.

Step four: … continue reading at

Becca Fahringer competes in the 2016 Valkenburg World Cup in Belgium. Photo Credit Tom Brys


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