As I began transitioning from my cyclocross season to road reason, as always, I began to plan out my schedule for the next couple months of racing. I knew from the start of the season I wanted to compete in the larger pro women’s stage races and I knew Redlands was going to be the perfect start for me. When I got an email saying I was selected to race in the colors of Amy D I was beyond excited and felt so honored to be able to represent such an amazing program. Being selected for redlands and also racing in the colors definitely fueled my motivation for lots of training and focus going towards the stage race.

A day of travel I finally landed in Ontario, California where I got to meet all my new teammates (and support dog!) for the week. We arrived in some unusual weather with it being cold and rainy. Now, race morning of the TT in Big Bear was more of a waiting game. Waiting to see if the race will still go on or if we will have to wait a whole other day to race! It was a bummer when the race got cancelled but that gave me one more day to make sure everything was dialed and I was prepared to race one of the hardest races I have done yet. Stage 2 (really only 1) was perfect weather. I knew Oak Glen was going to be a hard stage but I was more than excited to race it with my teammates and show off our Pearl Izumi Amy D kits. Stage 2 was one for the books. It was fast and it got increasingly hot throughout the day. I finally made it to the top, and I was happy with how the day went. Third Stage was by far my favorite. The circuit race
with a killer climb to the finish every lap. I was able to hang on to the lead group towards the end and make the top 30! Which also put me into the White Jersey! The team and I knew we had to work hard the next two days to keep me in the white jersey! Crit day came fast and hot! It was awesome being able to see Amber up in the break for the entire race! I was happy with my race and keeping the white jersey for another day! Last day came upon the team and I and we all knew it was going to be the hardest day of the week. I came into Sunset unsure of how today was going to play out. I had heard rumors of the race starting off fast and really never letting up. Well, those rumors were true. Sunset started off blazing and everyone hanging on for dear life. Although I wasn’t able to keep the white jersey, I knew the team worked so hard to help me stay up there. In the end it just came down to who felt better.

Reflecting on redlands, I had the time of my life. Hardest I’ve ever raced but I now I feel more mentally and physically prepared to race like that again. Also, I’m extremely grateful for the support of the Amy D foundation and i’m so exited to be seeing this program branch out to so many different women cyclists and giving everyone an opportunity to learn new things and trying something new, while, racing for
something incredibly important in our cycling community. More women on bikes it was I and lots of other people strive to see and this program is a huge step to making that happen. I can’t thank all of the sponsors that support what Amy D is trying to accomplish in cycling. Also, thank you Dez and Katheryn for making this happen, it’s the special people like you that everyone and myself strive to be like.

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