BOULDER, Colorado (July, 2016) – The Amy D. Foundation is proud to announce that Mara Abbott has been invited to participate in her first Olympics in Rio de Janeiro 2016 as part of the four person US National Women’s Road Cycling team.

Riding professionally for the Wiggle-Honda team, Mara is known as the queen of hill climbing. Mara has also represented the Amy D. Foundation in composite road cycling teams with impressive wins at the Tour of the Gila and the Redlands Classic in 2016. She is committed to riding with a purpose: to remember and model the values of her good friend Amy Dombroski. As an integral part of the Amy D. Foundation road cycling program, Mara shares her talent and experience by providing mentoring to young and developing riders. She also is an outspoken proponent of building opportunities for woman in the sport and brings important visibility to the Amy D. Foundation mission and programming. Mara‘s professional accomplishments and passion for developing and promoting women’s cycling make her an excellent role model and an exemplary athlete to represent the United States at the Rio Olympics.


“It’s always exciting and rewarding to have Mara be a part of the Amy D. Foundation programming,” stated Dan Dombroski, Founder and President of the Amy D. Foundation. “In a small way, I think we are able to help build some opportunity for her and add some meaningful context to her own career, but more significantly is what she brings to the programming in terms of exposure and building opportunities for developing riders. And building a better future for the next generation of athletes is really what this is all about. We try to think a lot about positive feedback cycles.”

As one part of the Amy D. Foundation’s outreach, the road programming builds opportunities within the sport by supporting strategically-organized composite teams at key cycling events, pairing seasoned pros with younger developing athletes. The program facilitates the growth of elite-level women’s racing by helping to meet the demand for more racing opportunities, providing important mentoring to less-experienced athletes, and promoting character and values within the sport that are consistent with those that Amy displayed.

“I’m so honored to get to ride for the USA at the Olympics – but I am also honored that the Amy D. Foundation has so generously helped me to reach this goal,” responded Mara Abbott.  “Not only has the team given me an opportunity to ride at races over the last two years that were important to my career and training, but the chance to wear the Amy D colors has provided extra motivation and meaning for me.  A bit of Amy D will absolutely be coming with me to Rio.”

Follow Mara on Twitter: @cosunshinemka

Mara joins Evie Stevens @evelyn_stevens, Megan Guarnier @MeganGuarnier, and Olympic veteran Kristin Armstrong @k_armstrong in Rio. Follow the Road Cycling competition schedule here: The road races will be on August 6, 7 and 10th.

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