Amy Dombroski and Mo Bruno Roy as teammates at the Cyclocross World Championships

The Green Mountain Stage Race is underway, and the presence of the Amy D. Foundation team at the event represents a meaningful return to Amy’s roots in Vermont.  Amy grew up in Vermont; her welcoming smile and competitive spirit were well-known at the Green Mountain Stage Race as she raced to multiple stage victories early in her career.

The Amy D. Foundation road cycling program builds opportunity for women in the sport by constructing and supporting composite teams of riders at key events.  The program pairs young up-and-coming athletes with seasoned professionals and dedicated staff in order to foster an environment of development and learning.

Matt Roy and Yohana Dawit at Green Mountain Stage Race

There’s a story to be told about the six riders that came from all over the United States and the State of Eritrea, Africa.  There are clear parallels between Amy’s travels to the foreign country of Belgium to race her bike and that of Yohana Dawit’s travels to the foreign country of the United States to race her bike.  All the athletes involved in Amy D. Foundation programming are traveling in pursuit of their dreams, just as Amy travelled in pursuit of her dreams; we are proud to facilitate the pursuit of lofty dreams and the celebration of healthy challenge through the work of the Amy D. Foundation.

There is also a story to be told about the remarkable support staff and mentors that guide the Amy D. Foundation programming on the ground.  These are folks that are not only highly regarded in our larger cycling community, but were also closely tied to Amy’s own life and career; they bring with them spirit and perspective that transcend bicycle racing.  Its something powerful and unique that we as an organization can offer, and is enabled by the community and what Amy Dombroski represented within that community.

The roles of Directeur, Soigneur, and Mechanic for the Amy D. Foundation at Green Mountain Stage Race are being covered by Matt Roy, Mo Bruno Roy, and Dave Drumm; these individuals are no exception to the pattern of operation.  Dave was the head mechanic for the Webcor Builders Pro Women’s Cycling Team, the program by which Amy cut her teeth as a young rider.  Mo Bruno and Matt Roy are known as successful privateers in the

Stef Sydlik Green Mountain Stage Race Podium Stage 1

cyclocross world; Amy and Mo shared experiences racing in Belgium and as World Championship team members.  Their names are well-regarded in the cycling world, but they each had special connections to Amy Dombroski that they bring with
them in their professional roles through the Amy D. Foundation.

As a community, let’s grow the impact of this programming into 2017!  Please consider a tax-deductible contribution to support the programming:

The Amy D. Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit public charitable organization with over 75% of funding generated through donations and public fundraising events.

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