This weekend was the first C1 of the season in Rochester, NY. With plenty of cool temps and sunshine to go around the atmosphere was full of nerves and excitement. I was excited to start the season, but I was nervous about where my fitness would be after working in New York all Summer. I finished on Saturday with a less than stellar race, and then again on Sunday I did all I could just to keep with the pack. I learned two valuable lessons this weekend. Number 1-one race does not and will not define your whole season. Number 2- no matter the result, cross has one of the most incredible atmospheres and that is my favorite part about it. From heckles, to compliments on the color of the Amy D. Blue Donnelly, the course was full of loud, proud, and animated people. I’m proud to be representing the Amy D. Foundation, and every time I start a workout or race I try to remind myself of who I’m doing it for and why I’m doing it.
The season is just getting started. I have work to do, and intervals to crush. Time to refocus and get back to work.

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