The Pan American Championships has been extra special for me the past two years. The event was held in Midland, Ontario, Canada which is about an hour and a half from where my mom grew up in Toronto, Ontario. My cousin, Brenda, lives about 30 minutes from Midland and was gracious enough to host myself, Becca, Kerry, and Sherm all weekend. She also supplied us with lots of butter tarts from an amazing local bakery so it is good we weren’t there longer. The weekend was a mini family get together. My dad was with us in the RV and my mom flew into Toronto where my Aunt lives. They, along with my sister Katherine and her fiancé Dylan who had flown in from Utah, came up to Midland to watch the race.


I pre rode the course Friday just before dark. I find this course to be a super fun one, similar to racing in Europe. A little snow from the previous days added some tricky slick sections to the course. After riding, we headed to Brenda’s house and the outdoor hot tub!

Saturday’s race, a C2, was an opener for me. Sunday was the highlight of the weekend; Pan Ams. I had taken some time off to rest since Cincinnati two weeks ago and needed to open up my legs again. I had an okay race and was looking forward to trying again on Sunday.

Sunday arrived with a lovely mix of freezing rain and snow. This made the course more slippery and muddy. I was excited to race a slower more technical race. Katherine was there to spectate, and she really threw some people off when they saw her! Kerry raced before me, so I sent her to the start line to get his jackets which I’m sure caused more confusion. Kerry won his race, which was amazing! (Sherman is disappointed he did not win an actual Silver Goose).

My race time arrived at 3:50 and my heart was already beating fast from watching the end of the exciting men’s race. However, I had probably the best start of my entire life! It was amazing! I was in the top 5. I was over excited and should have tried to remain calmer. I faded a bit and finished 10th. I am thrilled to have gained some valuable UCI points and that my legs came around for the second day of racing. Now we are headed to New York for Supercross this weekend! The weather is looking a little better than last years’ frozen, sloppy mess! My feet are happy about that! Thank you to Brenda for hosting us and all the supporters of the Amy D Foundation!

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