Supercross Recap

This past week my Dad, Kerry, and I once again spent the week at Kerry’s house in Pennsylvania. As everyone reading this is probably well aware of now, I did some baking. I made an apple pie which was amazing and a cherry pie that I was not thrilled with and want to try again. Other than baking I did some riding during the week also. Wednesday, Kerry and I rode outside but Thursday the snow began. I was not terribly upset with riding the trainer because it was cold and super snowy, and we had the most recent season of House of Cards to catch up on Netflix. It snowed and snowed and snowed, about 4-5 inches. This was really fueling my excitement and anticipation for Supercross that weekend. Friday, we rode the trainer again, because while snow was melting and it was warmer, the roads were really gross. Post trainer, we then we headed up to Suffern, NY for Supercross. We arrived at the venue in the RV and wow, there was a lot of snow. The race was going to be epic.

Saturday morning, I ventured out of the warm RV to take the dogs out and inspect the course. Races began at 8 am and with the combination of all the riders and the warm sun that had come out it was turning into a slushy, muddy, snowy mess. But a fun mess nonetheless! Becca and I pre-rode (more like pre-ran) one lap. Basically, all the flats, uphills, and off cambers were running sectinos. You practically only rode your bike down the hills. I felt like I was never really doing much pedaling; I was recovering to get ready to run again. I don’t think I have ever done so much running in a cross race.

Race time arrived, call ups began, and I was thrilled to make it on the front row. I was the last person to make it to the front row and I was squeezed into a tight spot right next to the fencing. I was not comfortable with this spot but figured oh well, I will hope for the best, until Laura Van Gilder offered to switch with me and gave me her better spot! Thanks Laura! Now I felt like I really needed to have a good start! The gun went off and I charged until I was in about 4th place when we hit the mud and the running began. I was with a group of 3-4 riders racing for 4th  for the majority of the race until the last lap and then gaps got bigger. I was so happy to stay mostly upright and slip and slide to finish 6th.

Sunday conditions were similar, but the course was run backwards and the puddles were deeper from more snow melting. It was also colder which my feet did not enjoy as they were forced to run though hub deep water. The race began and once again I was very pleased I had a decent start. I got behind some chaos on the first muddy downhill and moved back a little. For the rest of the race I kept moving up as much as I could but geez, I was so tired of running so much. I haven’t been running during training lately since I have been feeling tired and the lack of running was hurting me! I rode some off camber sections that probably would have been faster to run but I was so sick of running. There was one section by the pits that felt like you were running through deep, wet, freezing cement or quicksand. My feet felt like they weighed 10 pounds each. It was miserable! I kept running, eventually speed walking, and finally dejectedly trudging around the course until I finished 7th. I wanted to improve upon my result the day before, but I am happy that I had a decent result and feel like I have moved out of the slump I’ve been in. We are currently heading back to North Carolina now. I am going to take a few days off which is good because I have a carrot cake order that I need to fulfill, I need to make pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving, and I want to make Christmas cookies since we will be in Europe for Christmas. I just love decorating them (and eating them) and don’t want to miss out on that this year. Sherman is excited to get back to his backyard. He’s heard it’s been taken over by squirrels, chipmunks, and even a cat is lurking around! The horror! He has a lot of work and howling to do. Next up will be my dad’s local race December 1st and then Hendersonville the weekend after.

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