In March I received an email with news about the last thing I expected; an opportunity to ride for an organization I’ve always looked up to at one of my favorite races.  It’s only April, but it has already been a stormy year.  Right when I thought I would never hear a piece of good news ever again (not to be dramatic), these amazing women named Kathryn Curi and Desiree Simon offered a light.  Little did I know that these two women would later become such courageous mentors and I would call them both “Mom.”  I have admired what this foundation is striving to accomplish since I learned of it.  I remember hearing about Amy Dombroski and her whole story hit close to home.  I applied to be a part of this for any road composite team thinking it was a long shot.
It turned out to be one of the best experiences I could ever hope for.  This sport gives us an amazing opportunity to meet people we never otherwise would have known, like every person that was a part of this team for Joe Martin Stage Race.  What I will take away from this experience more than anything is the connection I made with each new friend.  Even though we were “just a composite team,” from day one it felt like the ten of us had been working together for years.  On and off the bike, every single person offered support to each other.  What Kathryn and Des are doing for this foundation, for this sport, and for women is truly extraordinary.  I’ve never been more honored than I was to wear Amy D on my back for those four days.  I never had the chance to meet her, but I felt her with me every minute of every stage.

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