This giving season, please remember the Amy D. Foundation and consider a tax-deductible contribution that will help build participation, opportunity, and equality for women in the sport of cycling.  

The Amy D. Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charitable organization that derives approximately 75% of funding through private donations and focused events.  The Amy D. Foundation programming encourages healthy challenge and the pursuit of lofty dreams, fostering personal development that transcends the sport of cycling.  From fun, non-competitive mentoring on bikes for young girls up to elite-level racing for talented and driven athletes, the Amy D. Foundation is working to expand horizons and build a brighter future for the sport.  Through positive role models, healthy activities and introduction to various forms of cycling, the organization hopes to encourage positive choices that enable girls to achieve their full potential.

Make a tax-deductible contribution to the Amy D. Foundation


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